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KD Foundation is an established charity that has been created in 2018 by KD Luxury. It aims to help the most deprived population around the world. KD Foundation first started by raising money to help families in need in Morocco. Their mission was to send kids to school and pay for their tuition. Indeed, today KD Foundation is supporting more than 15 kids in Morocco educational wise. 

Also, KD Foundation has took the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and has taken initiatives at the very beginning of the first lockdown. The team has been busy thanking the front line workers by cooking gourmet meals and distribute them to hospitals, police and emergency stations. Also, they were giving away first necessity equipments such as gloves, masks... 

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All Hands In

Together Thank You 

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Together thank you is a new initiative with the aim to bringing  a fresh smile and message of kindness to everyone around the globe. The affects of mental health and depression caused by the current crisis has affected many people and our initiative is here to shed a new light onto our future with hope and prosperity. We share a message of gratitude to every person suffering and battling these affects and this includes our front line heroes in our hospitals and all other services at the front of this epidemic. Join us today and share your story and let’s bring a joyful smile and kindness to everyone affected. Together we are stronger, together we are better, together thank you.


Together thank you is KD Foundation’s new campaign tackling the current effects of covid 19. KD Foundation is a charity registered in England and wales tackling

global hunger and deprived communities around the world.

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