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About us 

Located in the heart of London, KDLuxury has quickly earned a reputation amongst royalties, celebs and  elite members as the leading premium purveyor of caviar, fine foods & edible gold products.


We pride ourselves in sourcing and serving the very best caviar at the best price. Caviar is the most luxurious and finest food around the world and we made it our mission to offer our clientele the most unique experience so accessible and affordable.

Established  in 2015 by a chef with huge passion and love for the finest products. At KD Luxury we are constantly searching for a precise variety & species of sturgeons offering the world’s first “farm-to-spoon” caviar concept for his discerning clientele.

We wanted to give our clients the best caviar experience at the most affordable price.



Caviar can be enjoyed in numerous ways. For an unadulterated experience use a mother of pearl spoon as the use of metal utensils will detract from the caviar’s true essence on your pallet. Consider serving caviar on blinis with crème fraiche, thin toast points lightly coated with sweet butter, or on boiled petit potatoes.

KD Luxury serves the freshest caviar within days of harvest with direct supply from selected aqua-farms. Enjoy any type of Caviar from our selected range with a glass of champagne and take your casual date night to the ultimate level.


Caviar & Simplicity

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